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Frage vom 21.01.2009 - Patientenforum-Archiv


Dear Dr Kermani, Firstly, thank you for the good advice and successful surgery regarding my cataracts in December 2008. It was a painless experience which I could recommend to anyone who is still hesitant. Two weeks after surgery my exe test in your klinik showed my vision had deteriorated and Dr Förster mentioned I have a \Nachstar\… which could be lasered. I have my next check-up with Dr Förster in April but I now feel I would prefer not to wait so long. How quickly could corrective action be taken and what would be the approx. costs. Sincerely, Angela Behrend

Antwort vom 22.01.2009

If I may answer to that: Of course, you can make an appointment now, we´ll do a check up und can then treat the Nachstar at that date. Costs will be ca. 350 € per eye and can be refunded by your health insurance.   kind regards Karl Schmiedt

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