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one month exam after femto-lasik operation

Patientenforumone month exam after femto-lasik operation
Christian Busse fragte vor 16 Jahren
Hi, My name is Milovanovic Mile and i am from Belgrade,Serbia.I am your patient and did femto-lasik op. at 14th september this year.I am feeling just fine.We agreed about my 3 month exam at your clinic in february but one month exam i should do in my country, so im interested what types of exams should i take?Should doctors only look is my flap ok and if tere is no ingrowth and what is the quality of the vision or maybe something else, eye pressure etc…? Please,answer me as soon as possibile. My e-mail adress is: navahoic@yahoo.com With best regards, Mile M.
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hhuebner antwortete vor 16 Jahren
“ Dear Mr. Mile,   all you need is an ophthalmologic examination with slitlamp, visual acuity, refraction and eye-pressure.   Regards,   Dr. Kermani „

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